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Our unique baby alpaca comes from the ability to select meticulously the best first shearing of the adult alpaca animal, born and raised in the Peruvian Highlands that produces a natural wool that is rare, extremely fine, soft and smooth; which meets our most rigorous specific standards for fibre length and fineness.
These qualities allow us to constantly maintain high quality standards, which combined with Peruvian craftsmanship and innovative production techniques create an iconic and timeless alpaca garment, ensuring that the final product is pure perfection for your wardrobe.
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A Gift from the Gods

Alpaca fibre is a creation of nature. The Peruvian Highlands started out as a source of fibre for us but also quickly became the source of our inspiration. Alpacas have been bred since ancient times. The alpacas have been living at altitudes ranging from 2,500 to over 4,500 metres above sea level for thousands of years, withstanding extreme weather conditions which can vary from +30°C to –20°C in a single day. If this noble fibre did not have certain special properties, the animal would die.

Fashion with Purpose

The story of our finest and unique baby alpaca narrates a deep-rooted heritage, skilful craftsmanship and a culture of Peruvian artisans that have refined their skills through generations, thus enabling the raw natural fibre to be transformed into beautiful, sustainable garments of exceptional quality —each piece in our collection is designed to be timeless and made to last.

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12 Properties of Our Unique Baby Alpaca

5X Warmer than Sheep’s Wool Baby Alpaca Pacalpa
1- 5X Warmer than Sheep’s Wool

Alpaca fibre is five times warmer and stronger than sheep’s wool due to the air pockets in the fibre, which allow it to trap and contain more heat and, in addition, makes alpaca fleece lighter in weight and more breathable than other animal fibres.

Genuinely Very Soft Baby Alpaca Pacalpa
2- Genuinely Very Soft

Other types of fabrics like merino or cashmere undergo a softening process – which involves many chemicals and damages the fibre. Alpaca fibre does not need any processing because it’s naturally soft.

Hypoallergenic Baby Alpaca Pacalpa
3- Hypoallergenic

It is the lack of lanolin, that is natural to sheep, which makes alpaca fibre hypoallergenic and hence allows it to undergo its washing process without the need for high temperatures or harsh chemicals – making it an essential choice for those with sensitive skin.

Wrinkle Free Baby Alpaca Pacalpa
4- Wrinkle-Free

Garments made of alpaca wool have the ability to resist external stress and therefore are able to keep their shape. Alpaca fibre has a natural structure that does not retain wrinkles. It does not require ironing to be brought back into shape as this is kept by its natural structure.

Less Pilling than Cashmere Baby Alpaca Pacalpa
5- Less Pilling than Cashmere

Pilling happens in garments made from fleeces with a shorter hair. In general, cashmere fibre is shorter than alpaca fibre, therefore, pilling happens more often in cashmere garments than in alpaca garments.

Cruelty Free Baby Alpaca Pacalpa
6- Cruelty-Free

Alpaca fleece is one of the most ethical products currently available that is completely eco-friendly and cruelty-free at the same time. In addition, alpacas are always shed through a painless process.

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Genuinely Very Soft Baby Alpaca Pacalpa
7- Less Itching than Sheep’s Wool

The outside of each strand of sheep’s wool has tiny, microscopic scales along the length of the strand. When garments made with wool are worn next to the skin, these scales catch the surface of the skin and cause some wool to feel prickly. Strands of alpaca fibre are smooth and therefore feel less prickly or itchy next to the skin.

Genuinely Very Soft Baby Alpaca Pacalpa
8- Great Strength and Durability

The number of abrasion breaks decreases with a decrease in the diameter of the fibre. Alpaca fleece is more abrasion resistant than wool of a similar diameter. This is due to the scale of thickness, which is much lower on alpaca fleece than on wool – also providing alpaca fibre with a smoother surface.

Water Resistant Baby Alpaca Pacalpa
9- Water Resistant

Considered a dry fibre because alpaca fleece does not absorb water into the hair, rather it sheets it off. This factor allows for alpaca to make wonderful outwear and it is why when caught in the rain an alpaca garments will not smell. Furthermore, due to its water resistant properties, alpaca is not subject to mould and mildew.

Thermal Insulation Baby Alpaca Pacalpa
10- Thermal Insulation

Unlike other better known types of wool, alpaca wool is an active fibre that reacts to changes in body temperature. So it helps you stay warm when the weather is cold, and cool when the weather is hot.

Sustainable Baby Alpaca Pacalpa
11- Sustainable

Undyed, yet exploding in a spectrum of whites, browns, beiges, and greys, they leave a small train of un-tainted water behind them ensuring the Earth is not harmed in the creation of our garments.⁣ The natural state of the alpaca fleece invites each piece to return to the Earth from which they sprung when the garments come to the end of their life cycle.⁣ Read More

Odour Resistant Baby Alpaca Pacalpa
12- Odour Resistant

Unlike synthetic fabrics, alpaca wool can absorb moisture vapour, which means less sweat on the body, and even absorbs sweat odour molecules, which are only released when washing.

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At Pacalpa, we are the leading company in the field of transforming this noble fibre into luxury yarns, working in harmony with nature, the environment and with the utmost respect for the local population.

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